Supafest 2013 announcement


Hip-hop festival Supafest has announced that their ‘HUGE’ line-up for April 2013 will be unveiled soon despite a report by Smart Company earlier this month that promoters have run up debts in excess of two million dollars.

A lengthy press release from Paperchase Touring and Entertainment in the lead-up to the 2012 event suggested that the promoters had to scrap headliners Diddy and Missy Elliot from the bill because they couldn’t afford to have them play. Rick Ross also didn’t make it, leaving Chris Brown to headline the festival alongside Lupe Fiasco, Ice Cube, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland and Naughty By Nature.

“The sales for Supafest 2012 have been steady and look like they will surpass last year’s attendances of 90,000, but in effect these numbers fall well short of the producer’s expectations to ensure commercial viability,” Paperchase wrote at the time. “Consequently, this has forced them to slightly modify this year’s event to ensure that Supafest carries on in years to come. Both Diddy and Missy are legends of this genre but with the inability to ensure the event’s future, drastic decisions had to be made to ensure the festival’s commercial viability.”

Responding to the cancellations, Diddy took to Twitter to announce he was “MAD as Fuck”, while Missy Elliott’s manager blasted the promoters for “falsely advertising” the rapper before any contracts had been signed. Rick Ross simply failed to arrive for the tour and then announced that “payment arrangements did not meet contractual deadlines”. Paperchase Managing Director John Denison has suggested that 50 Cent will be part of the returning 2013 Supafest line-up.