Suga Boom Boom passes 10 MILLION plays on Spotify!

It’s the point that we knew we’d reach eventually, but boy does it feel sweet to finally get here! Suga Boom Boom is a killer, rising up to over 10 million plays on Spotify! And you know how we do at Blue Pie and DJ Central whenever something like this happens. We celebrate all things Down3r!

There it is. An album under a somewhat unassuming title, but don’t let looks deceive you. This is the very album that has Suga Boom Boom way up there at ten million. This is the album that contains the very same Suga Boom Boom that made it to the very TOP of the Swedish viral playlist! And this is the album that touched so many hearts of the Down3r family worldwide. Down3r knows his fans are the ones who are always there for him whenever he needs them, and this viral success is straight up statistical proof of that! We of the Down3r support team cannot thank you all enough.

And Suga Boom Boom isn’t doing too badly on that album either! It’s 804,333 plays vs Suga Boom Boom’s 10,127,628 plays, but it’s still going strong! Really, all of Down3r’s tracks have at least some degree of a claim to fame, as they’re all fantastic and are pulling in the attention they deserve!

Don’t believe us? Well check out this playlist! It’s a collection of all things Down3r, with Suga Boom Boom straight at the top. It has every single song from Down3r currently on Spotify! Your days of searching the entire site for more Down3r content are over- it’s now all in one place, and any new releases will be put in there too! Play this list on the daily, even if it’s just the first song, and Suga Boom Boom will be sure to soar even higher! Let’s get a push from the fam!

Things are certainly looking up in Down3r land. First the amazing growth in likes on the fanpage, now the repeated viral activity of his flagship song Suga Boom Boom, it was only a matter of time before a huge milestone like this was achieved! There’s a reason that DL’s music has qualified for a movie placement- they have true quality.

If you wanna see that quality in person, we have just the articles for you! Check out these tours coming up from Down3r! Get your tickets quick!

One tour on the 5th of July…

And another two- one on the 7th of August, and one on the 15th of September!

We’ll see you there, fam!

Check out DL Down3r at the following official links:

And check out DL’s cover of River!