Styleh taking on 2021 in Style with Good Vibe!

It feels like FOREVER since we last got a Styleh release (get it?) but rest assured he’s been working hard to bring us some good vibes, vibes so good that they named his latest song! Styleh wants to bring his positive message to the world in this new year, lest we end up like we did in 2020. Gotta stay positive early on! We’re still in April for now, but just you watch, next week it’ll be August, then the day after it’ll be December, then next week it’ll be 2031. It’s a bit overwhelming. Styleh is here to help you out with that.

The single is out now on all major online retailers and streaming services. It’s got a beat that’ll make you swing your hips and soothing vocals that’ll make you feel uplifted. It’s a bright song for dark times.

When asked what inspired him to create this song, Styleh had the following to say.

“What inspired me to write this song was that I am tired of this pandemic stuff, I am tired of staying at home doing nothing. All my girls all over Africa and all over the world are tired of staying at home without enjoying life too, we all want to to party and explore the world, so I decided to write this song to make the ladies out there to dance to this Good Vibe.”

This track is 100% swoon guaranteed, and now it’s easy to see why! Well, you heard him girls. Get ready to dance! Your parties in real life will be back soon, all going well.

But there’s more to this song than that quote of course. If you’re curious, we even happen to have the making-of video right here for you!

Styleh has hit a real winner with this one, and we’re already jamming out to it. We already can’t wait for his next release, and we’re glad we’ll have this to tide us over until then, and until the pandemic ends! We’re all tired of it, Styleh. Thank you for providing us with something to make the experience a little more bearable – we’ll add it to your catalogue, which is full of great tracks that can also help us survive the bad times!

Styleh has been working his musical craft since 2010 and it really shows. He’s no newcomer, and many African listeners would be able to back up this sentiment without even a second thought! So really, the only variable is you, the reader. Will you dip your toe in and discover more of what Styleh has to offer? We can see you being pleasantly surprised…