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Steed Lord Release New Music Video

Check out the world premiere of the latest audiovisual treat by the creative Icelandic force that is Steed Lord up on MTV Iggy.

“Curtain Call” is the first single of the Icelandic pop trio’s forthcoming follow-up album to “The Prophecy pt.2”. This album is the second chapter to their two piece album project which is set to be released later this year.

The Icelandic trio are a creative musical force and boundless visual collective, known for their cutting edge creativity and electrifying live performances. Having won 2012 album of the year on the Irish Publish Radio Station RTE for their killer album “The Prophecy pt.1” and having ‘Hear me Now’ sit at #11 on the iTunes Top Electronic Singles Chart, these creative geniuses will certainly be a treat to watch.

With the confidence and charisma of vocalist dica Kali and the hard grooving production by brothers Eddie and Mega, Steed Lord is an unstoppable collective. The group does not shy away from statement making high fashion, having pieces from their ‘Steed Lord Clothing’ collection presenting on television shows such as Americas Next Top Model and American Idol. 

“Curtain Call” is a cinematic clip, which takes you on a journey into the mind of a heartbroken soul who’s trying to cope with a lonely reality. The introspective clip is an ode to the decadence and social isolation of the 1970s and 80s. The video is a nod to the disco era with a heavy synth sound, emphasis on strong dance beats and powerful vocals. Steed Lord is known for their leading fashion statements and this clip is no exception, with decadent frocks, luscious and luxuriant costumes and exciting cinematic shots emphasizing the band’s value for high quality images and cinematography.

This three-piece music and visual art collective are ready to seduce you with some sizzling electro pop music. Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel as you have to experience Steed Lord live to witness the power if their music and their magical visual world.

For more information on Steed Lord check out the links to their website, iTunes and Facebook pages!