Standaard is still kicking! Last Try Before Goodbye and Geloof In Mij!

We left off with Standaard in 2019 with Just Try Love Again and Dansen En Vergeten.

And it’s been a while! We missed em! So lo and behold, what we expected has come to pass. Standaard HAVEN’T slowed down in the least, and we got two new releases on our hands, and boy are they bangers!

That’s the sound we’ve been missing! That flavour! The Euro club experience, that nostalgic throwback that somehow still manages to remain timeless – that’s what Standaard are known for to us, and it’s why we keep coming back! These latest tracks have NOT disappointed!

Geloof In Mij came in to our lives in the tail-end of 2019, and Last Try Before Goodbye is here to help us through 2020! We’re hoping there’ll be plenty more from them this year… pretty please, Standaard? 2020 has been rough, and we could use some of your funky vibes to help us dance away our stress 😭

We’re pretty sure, knowing Standaard, that we won’t have to wait long!

STANDAARD is the perfect artist for chilling, excitement, and everything in between. They’re criminally underrated, and these new releases are hyper than hype! So blast them from your speakers and feel that summery sea breeze embrace you! Europe has some amazing party bops and it’s clear that STANDAARD are no exception when it comes to quality! Party on!

Check out STANDAARD at the following links: