Splendour 2013: Festival of the Future

Welcome Aussie festies to the first festival of the future because Splendour has just announced that this year, they’ll provide ticket holders with microchipped wristbands.

So unfortunately, there’ll be no more sneaky ways of getting in to the highly anticipated festival, however, the wristbands do compromise by providing a lot of neat features. The features of the new wristband are mentioned in the following recent press release:

“Splendour will partner with technology pioneers Intellitix to transform the festival experience and launch a new era of festival accreditation in this country.

Standard wristbands will become a thing of the past as organisers of Splendour In the Grass adopt the latest in smart technology – wireless identification microchips.

Intellitix is the global leader in RFID for live events, and has developed the technology which provides fraud-proof, fast and secure access control systems, and a host of interactive possibilities for fans.

These high-functioning devices embedded in all Splendour wristbands will provide a direct hook-up to social media, if the punter chooses to opt in.

RFID wristband technology enables festival goers to instantly check in via Facebook, share festival experiences by updating their Facebook status and post live music updates at custom-built Live Click Stations around the festival site.

As an extension to the RFID experience, Deezer will also be delivering a first to market opportunity for Australian festival goers.  Deezer will be giving each registered RFID attendee the chance to relive their festival journey by delivering customised music content based around the artists they saw each day.  These playlists will be delivered directly to the attendee in an email and will be determined by the stages they check-in to. This will be the first time an Australian festival and streaming music service have developed content based around the individual experience of each attendee.  To opt-in, festival goers need to subscribe to Deezer for free or link their existing account during their RFID Registration to receive a tailored music profile.”

Pretty impressive! Now there’s abetter way to show your friends all the awesome times they’ve missed out on.

Ticket holders can register for the wristbands via this link here.

Source: www.pedestrian.tv/news