SPECIAL RELEASE -Kayne West demo tape 2001

Around the time that he was producing jay-z’s album ‘The Blueprint,’ Kayne West was also creating this demo tape.

It is a remarkable listen, featuring the early versions of some of his classic including ‘Bring Me Down’ & ‘Jesus Walks.’


  • Home (Windy)
  • Jesus Walks (Original Version)
  • Have It Your Way (Bring Me Down)
  • Out Of Your Mind (Unmixed)
  • Wow! (new verse)
  • Need To Know (original “Gangsta” version)
  • Gotta Pose (snippet) 
  • Never Letting Go 
  • Hey Mama
  • Know The Game (Unreleased)
  • Family Business (Unreleased)
  • Dream Come True (All Falls Down demo)
  • DJ Boom Freestyle 
  • DJ Boom Freestyle (I Met Oprah)
  • Heartbeat (instrumental)

Find it here.