Soundwave 2014 Line Up Release

With all the festival line-ups being released lately including Listen Out, Harvest Festival, Stereosonic and Tomorrow World, it’s no surprise that the popular rock/indie/metal festival ‘Soundwave’ will also release it’s line-up soon.

Soundwave promoter, AJ Maddah responded to a tweet about the release date for next year’s line-up to which he replied, “Aug. Probably late Aug”. Just a head’s up for the Soundwave fanatics, the line-up won’t be as impressive as this year’s so don’t give all your hopes up or you’re bound to be disappointed. AJ even stated, ““We’re not going to top it..It was our 10th anniversary, so [it was] a one off big show.” With reknown bands including Blink 182, Linkin’ Park and rock legends, Metallica, it’s definately a hard act to follow.

So, who do you think will make the cut in next year’s show? Let us know below!