Songtradr loves Blue Pie Records over 4 million times !!!

The Blue Pie Records Sync Team has been extremely busy working away on the development of our Songtradr store.

Feel free to check out the site here

In a few short months we have secured more than 100 license sales and shortlisted over 900 others. We have over 4,000,000 plays of our music on their network.

The system is great and we feel there will be an amazing future ahead with the platform. It is now embedded as one of the main ways that we service all our production teams, film studios and media partners with the thousands of hits we have in our catalogue.

We highly recommend this system to all our label partners. It is time consuming to develop and this is where the Blue Pie Sync Team can help and support both you to get your account set up and running.

With our talented pitching teams working in Australia, Canada, India and our China offices, we help reduce the stress and strain of getting your catalogue out to new markets and generating sync license sales.

From the Sync Team at Blue Pie Records USA