Smokin’ Joe to attempt world record for a 2nd time!

After learning early last year that his 132 hour set hadn’t earned him the  Guiness World record,SMOKIN JOE MEKHAEL is back for another shot.

With the current record  for longest DJ set standing at 150 hours “The Most Electrifying man in dance music today”  has vowed to succeed  “I’m going to play for 168 hours and become the first human being to DJ for seven days straight,” said the man himself. “God rested on the seventh day, but Smokin Joe Mekhael won’t rest until the eighth day, he won’t rest until he holds the Guinness World Record for the longest DJ set in history, and he won’t rest until he has earned the title of MARATHON DJ CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!”

Smokin’s world record attempt,Hosted by Empire, will start on Sunday the 16th of dec at 4pm.

To register as an official witness to the monumental event ‘Like’  the King of Kinetic energy’s FB page HERE