Skrillex: ready to drop some new mixes!

Q: What could be better than a Transformers movie?
A: A Transformers movie that has music production by the legendary Skrillex!

Yep! That’s right! Skrillex is currently working on sound design for the next transformers movie creating “the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make,” He told Billboard in a recent interview.

Among other things, he spoke about teaming up with Diplo to make some more jaw dropping sounds. “I’ve just known him for so long, and we’ve made so many records together,” Skrillex says. “It’s just a lot of fun for him and I to get in the studio and make jokes and just really try to come up with the most annoying sounds ever. What we try to do is make the stupidest thing ever and make it actually work — that’s our only thing. The thing about the music I make and the music he makes is that even though it might sound different, sonically, we always take this, like, fun approach to making music rather than taking it too seriously. So we’ll see what comes out of this.”

Also, if you’re heading to Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival you’re in for a treat! Skrillex is going to curate an all star Skrillex and Friends Superjam! I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s gonna be surprises, man. It’s gonna be a fun time for sure,” Skrillex says. “I basically hand-picked everyone and all the artists are actually friends and people that I’ve met over the years and worked with, so it’s gonna be fun.”

Here’s a taste of what’s to come!

source via: Billboard