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Our consulting services are designed to guide our clients through the entire process of promoting and marketing their releases. It includes referrals to other appropriate companies that can become a part of the campaign on the press, lifestyle marketing and merchandising levels.

Whether you’re debuting a new band or your established act is releasing a new effort, our concerted activities will start an early buzz. The music industry is in a continuous state of evolution. Every step of promotion and marketing is extremely important and warrants consideration.

The DJ Central promotion team offers comprehensive promotion strategies that lends years of experience, commitment, persistence and passion you can rely on.

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DJ Central provides you with access to Grammy and award-winning producers from all over the world.

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DJ Central provides the best solution for our clients by developing alliances with leading companies, because we believe very few companies of tomorrow will succeed today by doing it alone.

The following diagrams illustrate the 360-degree service offering available to DJ Central artists, labels and content partners.

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