Septimius The Great up for 7 IMCA nominations for “I Am Fashion”

We very pleased to announce that DJ Central Recording artist Septimius the Great is up for 7 Indie Music Channel Awards nominations and live performance of the hit song “I am Fashion“.

Check out the Music Video below:

The nominations include:

  • Best Dance Music Artist
  • Best Dance Music Song
  • Best Dance music recording
  • Best Rap music artist
  • Best Rap music song
  • Best Rap music recording
  • Best Rap music video

The awards will be hosted this weekend on Saturday April 25th at the IMC VIP Party & Red Carpet W hotel Star lounge Hollywood, CA. Tickets are $20 in advance. Remember to check out all the official Septimius sites below + download his new album out now on DJ Central Records.

Watch Septimius here & Download Septimius The Greats new EP here

Septimius Official Sites:

Sunday April 26th 2015

IMC Awards
Whisky-A-Go Go
Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA

Tickets are available at:

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