Radio Airplay and Jango are essential streaming service assets!

Radio Airplay and Jango are two sides of the same coin. Radio Airplay is for catalogue owners to upload to, and Jango is where the music plays. And lately, music from both the Blue Pie and DJ Central catalogues has been playing loud! Radio manager Anthony Milton has been getting our music up and ready to listen to, and the results are clear. It’s not only being played by public listeners around the world, but it’s gaining radio credits as well! That means that a radio station has heard our sound and decided they want it on their airwaves. These are rare and coveted things, and it’s incredible to see them taking off like this!

  • Bon Scott – 5 Radio Credits

  • David Juliet – 6 Radio Credits

  • Jack Derwin – 6 Radio Credits

  • Oohlala – 5 Radio Credits

  • Radio Drive – 5 Radio Credits

While radio stations noticing our stuff and getting it out there might be very exciting, the general public’s opinion of our music also is critically important! Check out these stats straight from Jango!

All of these artists also have thousands upon thousands of plays to their names, so they’re truly breaking the mould in a noticable way! Chinese Olympics opener Zya Mou of course has been turning heads, and Down3r in particular of course has a very loyal following – it’s nice to see their support extending from platform to platform! Well, good music finds fans everywhere, no?

This initiative is part of several radio based platforms that Blue Pie and DJ Central are cooperating with. Through radio distribution, creating our own shows, and uploading our music to all manner of streaming services, we’re venturing into new worlds of marketing. Our Latin American team are hitting the ground running and helping us to market singles around the world. The efforts of team members such as Sabrina Di Claudio changes the way we go about all of this, and with artists such as DL Down3r, Key Loch, and Kay L, the talent is there and the sky is the limit! This particular journey into the world of radio is but one of many, and with the excellent results we’ve been getting from all of them, we can’t wait to see what else the future holds!

Check out for some incredible hits from some of your favourite artists! Hopefully you’ll love what you find there!