PSY Imposter Fools People In Cannes Film Festival

An impostor who pretended to be Korean pop sensation, ‘PSY’ fooled everyone at the Cannes Film Festival last Tuesday night.

The impostor who is believed to be a 34 year-old man named Dennis Carre from Clermont-Ferrand, used PSY’s identity to attend festival parties and events as well as posing in photos with other celebrities which were posted on Twitter and Instagram.

The real PSY, who was in Singapore at the time, found one of the photos on Twitter and replied “Seems like there’s another ME at Cannes…say ‘Hi’ to him. #PSYinSINGAPORE”

Dennis Carre’s sly manoeuvre has been hailed as one of the best celebrity doppelganger stunts of all-time.

He would’ve had us fooled!