Creative Manager

SouritaRita, a recent graduate from the esteemed University of Notre Dame Australia, has spent the last twelve years developing her passion and competence within the world of Digital Media and Graphic Design.

Currently working on content creation as the webmaster for DJ Central Tv, Gravity Stars, Miracle West Entertainment and Blue Pie, Rita manages a wide range of graphic needs specialising in: album covers, logo designs, business cards and web development.

Through the utilisation of her proficient practical skill set within Photoshop, Illustration, InDesign, Dreamweaver and various adobe applications, Rita is a diverse and prominent content creator. A wealth of knowledge pertaining to web design and development through HTML, CSS and Javascript-based applications allows her to design and produce competitive and innovative websites.

With a long-running interest in art and design in all aspects of her life – from fashion design and interior design to fine art and graphic (print) design – Rita has a strong concept of the role and importance of design in the world. She believes visual imagery is a window on your inner world, a way of viewing your own ideas, feelings, and interpretations.