Prince Oli still working his RnB magic in his up and coming hit ‘Right One’

The sounds of Prince Oli is a gift from God to all of you old school R&B lovers out there. The harmony of the heart wrenching, emotionally driven ballads from Boys II Men seamlessly combined with the showman ship of the late Michael Jackson work together flawlessly to create the smooth, world class talent of Oli Da Haitian Prince that I just can get enough of.

Luckily for us Prince Oli has just finished up recording his latest soon to be hit ‘Right One’ with respected recording artist DJ DUMI! The Haitian Prince has released some awesome progress footage onto his Facebook showcasing Oli’s talents and his bubbly personality; though it seems like a stressful process Oli looks like he had a hell of a lot of fun putting it all together.

Check out the Progress video here:

This video alone got the office interested in what this RnB prodigy has in store and with endorsements from other Big RnB artists such as Raz B the future’s looking bright for our Prince. If you haven’t already been convinced of Prince Oli’s undeniable talent check out his official website for his story, show times and all his music in the Links below. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

His hot new record out now ‘Right One’!

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