Prepare to be mesmerised by BJ Sam and his brand new hit ‘Everything Will Be Fine’

International singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and instrumentalist BJ Sam is back with a brand new song to inspire love, equality and confidence to his listeners. ‘Everything Will Be Fine’ is another example of BJ Sam’s caring character, as the lyrics carry his message of positivity and resilience in times of adversity. With an infectious melody and beat to make you dance and clap for hours after hearing the song, ‘Everything Will Be Fine’ is sure to have you yearning for more new music from this talented performer.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Erykah Badu, Bob Marley and Alicia Keys, BJ Sam delivers a soulful performance and demonstrates his superb talent and versatility. ‘Everything Will Be Fine’ encapsulates all that “Sammy Wonder” stands for and promotes his personal beliefs of spreading the universal message of love, equality and inner strength.

Listen to the new single now!

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