Porter Robinson 30.04

Porter Robinson is the king of gigs-gone-wrong


Porter Robinson has already had his fair share of bad gigs (as reported by inthemix,) but his latest definitely takes the cake.

Porter headlined the Santa Barabra Matador Music Festival three days ago, and was due to finish his set about 1130pm. However, the police had cut him 35 minutes short & attempted to take his gear as evidence of ‘inciting a riot.’

Here is the account “The cops cut me 35 minutes short and shut down this show halfway through Language. Really sorry to everyone to paid to see this show”, the always level-headed producer began via twitter. “I got on the mic and said“ guys, the cops are shutting us down in 5 minutes. Gonna play Language. Don’t get mad, stay positive. The cops cut the power two minutes after that, claiming that I was ‘inciting a riot’ by explaining the situation to the crowd. The sheriff told me he was going to arrest me and seize all of my equipment ‘as evidence’. Vindictive tyrant is embarrassed about the truth”.

Porter finished off his explanation with a simple statement ‘The police are not on your side.’ 

Source: inthemix.com.au