DJ Central gets a new Blogger with Pat and the birth of “Pats Blog”. Check out his 1st posting here:

DJ Central gets a new Blogger with Pat and the birth of “Pats Blog”.

Here is the 1st posting with many more on the way.

“Hey guys, Pat here and I’m incredibly excited to start work with DJ Central! It’s been a while since I was announced on the DJ Central website and some of you must be thinking… “Who is this anonymous person who I have never seen before and when will he do something?!” And you are right to think that! Let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to and what’s happening in my life.

On the 3rd of July 2013 I received a call asking if I would like to join the team at DJ Central, and of course I accepted. I wanted to start straight away and meet the whole team but on the 4th of July I flew out of the country to Hong Kong for a few weeks. Hong Kong was an amazing experience. Their lifestyle is very different from that of mine here in Australia but I soon felt right at home with the family I was staying with over there. The nightlife in Hong Kong is an experience like nothing else. Lang Quai Fong is the ‘drinking street’ and it is filled with alcohol and pumping music. The most interesting thing about the clubbing life there was that they are obsessed with the ‘top 40’ type music, almost all the music was pop music… oh… and BOTTLE SERVICE!!

When I got back I was straight back into gigs with the Hot Potato Band as well as recording our new album, which will be out later this year. A couple of weeks ago we played for NOVA 96.9 on the Fitsy and Wippa show with Dr. Chris Brown and Dr. Andrew Rochford. I got to speak to Fitsy on the radio, which was pretty awesome. I just started my last semester of Media at UNSW a few weeks back, so I have been slammed with a massive workload already. It’s hard and time consuming but I’m really enjoying it, trying to take in as much as possible and really enjoy it, as I won’t be here next year. (If I pass all my subjects that is…)

I’ve also done some production work for my media interests. Ashleigh Mannix performed a secret show in my mate’s backyard as part of her ‘From the Mountains’ Tour. I was fortunate enough to film the entire event and am currently in the process of editing together a few videos for Ashleigh. It was a really great night, Ashleigh is an incredibly talent young Australian musician, definitely worth checking out!

Amongst all this I found time to meet up with the whole team at DJ Central and talk about the future and basically find out what’s going on. So over the next few weeks I’m going to be posting here on the DJ Central website as well as my Facebook page and Instagram keeping you guys in the loop of what I’m up to and letting you find out a little bit more about me. I’m going to be out on the field, in the clubs, and in the studios talking to a wide range of musos and artists and getting their stories. I will be gigging and going to gigs. Working hard, filming lots, and just having a good time with it all!

What’s happening in the near future? Well on Saturday I have a gig with the Hot Potato band in Circular Quay and then Manly, and straight after that I will be heading into the ABC studios to help film on election night. Then Sunday I will be at the ‘FBI Turns 10’ festival to catch Hermitude, Sarah Blasko and the Presets just to name a few. If you’re around at the FBI festival, come and say hi!

Till next time and remember if you want to see what I have been up to then check out my FaceBook page here or the news feed on DJ Central.

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