Parklife Cancelled for Listen Out Music Party!

The promoters for the popular music festival, ‘Parklife’, have just announced that the festival will be cancelled this year to make way for an even ‘bigger and better’ music event called ‘Listen Out’.

Head promoter, Fuzzy, confirms that Listen Out will be the answer that will solve all the problems that music festivals hold.“Listen Out is the antidote to many of the things you don’t like about big music festivals. It is a carefully handcrafted party, with a killer lineup of the dance music that matters and a philosophy of best, not biggest. Say goodbye to endless timetable clashes, long hikes to the 12th stage and spending your day with several thousand people you can’t relate to. Listen Out is the right party, and we mean party not festival, for the right people.”

According to the promoters, Listen Out will occur over two weeks this September and October. The music event has already managed to hype up it’s own reputation through it’s tagline “Party. Redefined”. Along with the tagline, the lineup is also said to be pretty huge with Bristish duo, ‘Disclosure’, to be on the list. The full line-up will be revealed to the public later this week.

So if you’re tired of the music festival atmosphere and want to try something different, make sure you book some ‘Listen Out’ tickets, which go on sale midday, Thursday 27 June.