Owen, the 3-YO Suga Boom Boom star!

Deanna, a mother from Norwalk Ohio, sent us a video that moved us… her little 3 year old boy Owen singing and dancing to DL Down3r’s one and only Suga Boom Boom!



We of the DL Down3r support team were overjoyed to see this in our email inbox. Even these 10 seconds were enough to brighten our days! We’d love to see a full version too, but we’ll have to wait and see. This video that we have already is enough to stick in our memories for a while yet from how cute it is… but just imagine this full whole song with dancing and singing, Owen style!

Deanna’s got a gem on her hands. Could this guy grow up to be the next hip hop star? Wait and watch this space, I guess! How patient are you, DL fans?

The video is sure to take off on the internet if we’ve predicted it right. Yet another Viral Sensation like the Suga Boom Boom mashup videos of a few months ago, perhaps? Fingers crossed, no guarantees, but certainly hope!

And if you’re STILL unlucky enough to have not heard of Down3r after all this time, consider this an introduction to the rest of your hip hop life!

Downer https://spoti.fi/2OQz5G4
DL Downer | https://spoti.fi/2CVtiKu
Down3r | https://spoti.fi/2Uhc8S6
DL Down3r https://spoti.fi/2FM79yW
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