Our Blog Watch List


To keep up to date with all our favourite artists, DJs, Musicians, Producers, Music Engineers, Radio Presenters, Released Singles, Tour Dates – basically all our music intel, it would be much harder without the easier and accessible resource we call the Internet. Most like all your friends use at least one social media website, and that’s the beauty of the Internet, anyone can create one! With musical artist creating their social communication, it is now much easier to get in contact with them or simply just check out any new information from them.

We have selected some other Blogs from musical acts we follow, and we would like to share this information with you! Be on the watch, many artists also reply back to your comments! Below is a small list we put together for you to check out.

DJ Phatrick – 

Whether in the classroom or club, the studio or streets, DJ Phatrick operates under the firm conviction of using music and hip hop as a tool for social justice. He now lives in Los Angeles and directs the Sessions LA youth music program.

 Unique-DJ – 

Need a DJ for an upcoming event you are planning? Maybe somebody you know is planning and asked you if you know a DJ? At Unique-DJ you can book your Electronic/Dance DJ. Be sure to check out their sound right here.

DJ Final – 

This blog shows us the latest reviews in hip-hop and dance music. You can also rate them each by clicking on the stars accordingly (out of 5 stars). They have connect to the radio, a chat room for them to speak to all, leaks, videos, news and mixtapes for all the newest mixtapes that get released!

Fettkakao/DJ Nights – 

fettkakako is a label that works with friends on various projects, mostly around music and visual art. even though i have a homepage and another blog already – this one is meant to put as many information together on a regular basis as possible.

DJ Scott Shirley –

DJ Scott Shirley presents us all with Disk Jockey information which are some DJ’s at ceremonies and weddings, as well as some technology information.