• DJC joins MUZU.TV

    Tuesday February 05, 2013
    DJC joins MUZU.TV

    Oh yes, DJ Central has joined MUZU.TV! Founded out of Dublin Ireland, MUZU.TV is a free broadcasting site whereby industry professionals... (more…) Read more

  • Wanna work on DJC?

    Thursday January 31, 2013
    Wanna work on DJC?

    Calling all creative geniuses, content producers, DJs & worthy souls! We at DJ Central are always on the look-out for the next best thing and that just might be you! (more…) Read more

  • DJC on NYE !

    Friday January 25, 2013
    DJC on NYE !

    DJ Central and Foxtel's Aurora are absolutely thrilled at the love received this past New Year's Eve as our stats soared beyond our wildest dreams. (more…) Read more

  • Introducing Lucinda and Swee!

    Friday January 25, 2013
    Introducing Lucinda and Swee!

    DJ Central TV would love to welcome their newest members and TV hosts Lucinda Nicholas and Swee Ling Khor, two amazingly beautiful women that'll help brighten up the show just that little bit extra. (more…) Read more

  • Welcome Nyhl & Peter!

    Wednesday January 25, 2012
    Welcome Nyhl & Peter!

    Oh Happy Days!! DJ Central is ecstatic at the news we received about Nyhl and Peter's decision to commit and provide DJ Central with their indispensible network, influence and support. (more…) Read more