New video for Raz B’s hit ‘I know you love me’

Despite being big name in the entertainment industry for over a decade now, Raz B is still hard at work cooking up some quality sounds for us fortunate listeners to enjoy. His most recent project in the making being a video clip for his popular C-pop inspired track ‘I know you love me’.

Being a member of the millennium platinum RnB boy band B2K, Raz disappeared from the American music scene and began working in China. Raz B went out to China as a one man show and states it has been a wonderful experience that has helped him to grow as an artist and person. “I Know You Love Me,” is the musical product of his time spent in Asia, which is very evident in the C-pop feel to the song. Stay tuned for more updates on the release of this new video clip, for more information check out Raz B’s page on Dj central

Here’s a sound cloud link to song Raz is currently creating a video clip for.

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