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Kai Campos and Dominic Maker of UK electronic duo Mount Kimbie like making up their own rules– even if that happens by accident. The pair’s 2010 debut Crooks & Lovers was specifically borne from UK bass culture and released on Hotflush— a label that continues to rewrite the parameters of the genre– but there was nothing hard-hitting or particularly dancey about the album. Instead, it explored small textures, meticulously cut-up samples, and clicking rhythms, carrying a constant soft hum along with its homemade melancholy.

And while many bass-leaning producers release material at a constant pace, Mount Kimbie have remained awfully quiet over the past two years, touring at a semi-constant clip but releasing little more than a few remixes since. While taking a break from studio work a few weeks ago, Campos explained that the pair had a difficult time working on new material while on the road, a form of procrastination that it sounds like he might regret at this point: “This was the longest I’ve gone without making new music since I was 15– making music became my job, and then I had no time to do it.” Full story here