Missed out on Frank Ocean tickets? Good News…for the rich fans!

If you’re one of the many hundreds of Aussies who just missed out on owning tickets to see Frank Ocean’s ‘sold-ou’t 2-day concert, have no fear, there are limited tickets for sale but there’s a price to pay…and it’s a big one.

It’s the ol’ sneaky Ebay selling method. Yep, there are jerks out there who have managed to book Frank Ocean tickets but are charging them at a much higher price. Take estella598743987 for example, who is selling “2 X Frank Ocean Hardcopy GA Tickets Sydney Horden Pavillion” with the current bid at $405 which is insane considering the retail price was $89 including the booking fee!

As for the big fans who missed out…they’re not happy with the ‘black market’ method with many fans arguing that it’s unfair. “Such bull****! I want to boycott these people!” one fan argues on Facebook. Another frustrated fan posts on Facebook, “It’s called scalping and it’s illegal. Profiting off real fans when you have done no work and have had no involvement with the event is a jerk move.”

So if you want a quick and illegal way to make money, forget drug-dealing…just exploit the hardcore music fans. But you might want to invest in some heavy security that’ll protect you from the raging fans.