Mind Readings, Alien invasions, Double headed Cows, high quality Toilet Brushes, small mammal Taxidermy, cannibalism and paranormal investigation; madness knows no bounds on the Cadillac Bill Show!

Rest easy friends and 80’s rock lovers The Cadillac Bill show is back once again in all of its wacky, low budget glory and they aren’t pulling any of their poorly edited, nonsensical punches. Cadillac Bill and The Creeping Bent are well into the second season of their Bizarre Canadian variety show talking about anything and everything you could possibly fit in to half an hour of screen time. Imagine the most perplexing scenarios and individuals your brain can muster, now times that by ten; that’s what you’re in for if you decide to commit to a full 30 minute episode of the Cadillac Bill Show and boy is it a trip.

So if you’re not offended by hilariously tacky transitions, or an old rock star in a golden bedazzled jacket sitting behind the front end of a Cadillac talking about ghosts or Flying drones to his other (not so bedazzled) middle aged friends, then check out the Cadillac Bill Show.

Full episodes are available on Youtube or the Cadillac Bill Show official site –