Meet Mr Raw! A musical pioneer breaking new ground!

Mr Raw aka Okechukwu Edwards Ukeje is a musical visionary! He’s one of the pioneers of Igbo Rap, a rap style that uses the Igbo language and Pidgin English. A fusion between traditional and modern, Igbo Rap draws inspiration from both its historical Igbo roots and modern African American urban styles! You won’t hear anything else like it… and you won’t hear another Igbo artist like Mr Raw! His latest single with Phyno is sure to convince you of that.

But as impressive as all that is, his music videos? They’re something else…

Impressive. So impressive that Ordior’s head was turned! We’re protecting Mr Raw’s rights and making sure that any unclaimed royalties that his awesome songs earn are delivered to his deserving hands. This is a relatively new genre of music developing here, and with Mr Raw and other such pioneers at the helm, we want to make sure that Igbo Rap is given the nurturing it deserves so that it can become a cultural mainstay the world over!

Mr Raw is a legend in the making – you hear people referring to people like Biggie and Dr Dre as “the original greats”, well here’s one of the original greats of the Igbo genre blossoming right before our eyes! Be sure to hop on the hype train and check out Mr Raw’s accurately-described RAW tracks as they release… his social media and Spotify await you!