Meet KasBeats aka Kas Shobayo!

Hugely inspired by music legends such as Phil Collins, R.Kelly. Ray Charles and Timbaland, Kas Omo Yoruba prides the originality of his production and deliverance in music on its unique and futuristic composition and sound. An artist in the same league as other Nigerian giants such as 2face, Kasbeats matches his ambition with his talent, and is a household name in the African music industry, and is hailed as the Puff Daddy of Africa!

Kas is also a true entertainer – as you’d know, if you’ve seen him live! For everyone else, there’s always Youtube and other video streaming sites. It’s not quite the same but it’ll do for now – and there’s plenty of Kas videos to choose from across the internet!

After years of co-writing and producing songs with the likes of Sir Shino Peters, M.I, Nneka, Goldie, Naeto C, 2face, Dbanj, and Wande Coal to name a few, he released the hit Wind For Me, followed by the monstrous anthem Fi Mi Le in 2010. The latter was written and produced by Kas himself, and it became a hit instantly, selling over 1.2 million copies in Nigeria alone. It was this track that earned him many awards, including artist/song of the year!
•Dynamix All Youth Awards – SONG OF THE YEAR
•BEST NEW ARTISTE in the September 2010 Holla Awards
•SSA (South South Awards) – Best Pop SOLO 2011
• Awarded recognition for outstanding musical performance & launch of of album on the 11-11-11
• Artist of the year (2012) MBGN

Kas is presently topping the African music charts, and from this single alone, receives boundless airplay from radio stations across Africa.

On August 30th 2010, KAS performed as one of the lead artists at the Notting Hill Carnival Music Festival 2010 in the heart of London City, to a crowd of over 2,900 screaming fans. In November 2011, he released his long anticipated debut album titled KAS FI MI LE in Nigeria and received rave reviews! It’s safe to say that he’s a cult classic.

In 2000 Kas had the privilege of producing and performing on a promotional campaign for the drink company Hennessey & Co (a brand which sells on average 50 million bottles a year Worldwide). The single and corresponding video for his song ‘Like A Bottle’ featured a series of A-list recording artists, and its popularity in Africa demonstrates Kas’ ability to not only produce hit single after hit single, but also to be able to produce a track specifically for a commercial product, something very few African producers have been able to achieve or even consider delving into!

Kas not only has the vision of musical greatness, but has also dabbled in movies! His work on the Nollywood blockbuster entitled Chronicles of the Twin Swords saw him working with some of the finest A-list actors Nollywood had to offer! You can read all about it by clicking on the movie’s title!
Kas is the complete package. A jack of all trades and a master of many, his talents and passion are not to be underestimated!