Meet Cooli Booli AKA CB!

Robert “Cooli Booly” Doty, formerly known as “Country Boy”, or CB for short, is an American hip hop musician, song writer, producer, director, and actor from Houston, TX, born July 17, 1987 in Alexandria, Louisiana. From a young age music has always been a way of life for CB. Now, through his years of hard work and dedication and much adversity, CB has developed into a force, moving to become a household name in the entertainment industry. So it’s little wonder then that his flagship song “Fantasy” is doing so well!

CB’s incredible hit “Fantasy” was released in 2018 and since then the song has viralled through global streaming networks. Fantasy is a summer vibe hip-hop banger that highlights CB’s skills when it comes to lyrics, vocals, and rap flow, and it also features the Australia hair metal rock outfit “Heaven” on the crazy hooks. We at Blue Pie records and DJ Central TV reckon you can hear elements of the Beastie Boys in the samples of this incredible track! Perhaps you can hear it even clearer in the excellent remixes Gabe Rizza and Key Loch did with the track?

Songs like this aren’t put together sloppily, and clear passion can be seen in their composition. Passion forms over a long time, and indeed, CB has been on the grind for a while! As he says:
“I’ve loved music from an early age. In grade school I joined the school band and learned to play several instruments including piano and drums. Later in my High School years after being in concert band and drum-line I saved up money by cutting grass around my neighbourhood and bought my first beat making program and computer. I didn’t know much about studio stuff then, I just started making beats and writing raps in most of my spare time. Eventually that hobby became my passion and it was history from there!”
When asked for advice on how to get started in the music industry, CB showed his wealth of experience with this method:
“Start small and grow. Play for small gatherings, house parties, open mics or mixers. There are also pay to play opportunities for artists to open for bigger acts if you have the budget. This is a another great way to get your name out their and grow your buzz but do your research on the promoters to make sure its legit. To gain airplay research hot DJs in your area. Try to get music to them but be respectful and professional. Also reach out to local radio and online radio stations for contests or placement opportunities. Most of the time you can find ways to submit music just by researching online or asking around.”
This is the path that can clearly be seen as the one that he followed. And with hits like Fantasy, you can tell that CB knows how to walk the walk!

CB has a clear passion for music. He has developed into a musical force producing bangers like Fantasy! This track was produced by Damien Reilly, Danny Saber, CB, Mal Majik, and Jay Simpson, with beat and lyric collaborations once again featuring killer Aussie rock band Heaven. Mixing was handled by Chris Garcia and Tom Polce, two legends from LA California. With this competent team behind its production, no wonder that CB’s hit has met this success!

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