Matmos, experimental geniuses!

Matmos delivers ooky and spooky new beats.

The Baltimore Duo, renowned for their weirdly wonderful electronic experiments, are back and blazing through the latest MIXED BY on THUMP. A hybrid of slippery mainstream pop infused with industrial, coldwave noise is surprisinhly catchy. The odd sounds are a little bit groovy and a little bit chilled and a little bit up beat. The mix is a cluster of everything electronic and hypnotic.


Muslimgauze – ‘Nettle Cloth’
Human Flesh – ‘Accident’
Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown – ‘De L’Autre Cote Du Fleuve’
Thomas Leer – ‘Tight As A Drum’
Pyrolator — ‘Bacano Brothercito!’
Yello – ‘Bimbo’
Godley and Creme – ‘I Pity Inanimate Objects’
John Watermann – ‘Taste Of Speed’
Severed Heards – ‘Brasserie In Rome’
Premature Ejaculation – ‘Bottling Room I & II’
Kopf Kurz – ‘Necluus’
Das Synthetische Mischgewbe – ‘The Cold lie Of Pornography’
German Shepherds – ‘Booty Jones’
Tone Death – ‘Songs Of Flame’


Source Via THUMP