Luciana is ready to drop some new beats!

get your dancing shoes on and turn up the volume on your speakers, because Luciana is set to feature in the new Hardwell & Joey Dale track!

Arcadia, is set to be released on the 7th July, this track is one to get your hands on as soon as you can! Just to keep you on your toes, the supergroup have released a teaser of their new mix. The track promises to be energetic and bursting with party vibes. This is definitely going to be the next anthem to be played on repeat in clubs across the world.

The vibing synths create and energy that is immersed within the track, igniting the pumping beats. The rhythmic pulses of the track are choppy and punchy. The raunchy vibes are groovy and have undertones of funk and groove. The mix of synth house beats and funky base lines leave us wanting more and more!

Have a listen to the sample and let us know what you think!

not only is this new track going to be awesome, but Dave Aude’s new mix of her stellar track, You Only Talk in #Hashtag is crazy good!

The mix draws on the original raw and punchy vibes of the song and intensifies them. The mix has a more basey sound too it, making is deeper and heavier. the fast-paced energy of the mix is hectic and ready to get any party started. Have a listen!