Luciana is jetting off to the UK

The lovely Luciana is going to be hitting it up in London Tonight!

So it’s a little bit late to buy your ticket now, but if you’re in the area make sure you head on down to Heaven.

After reaching number 1 on beat port for her latest track with Hardwell and Joey Dale, the pop princess has been working hard and getting some crazy good music together for tonnes of live performances. If you aren’t in London tonight, you can buy tickets to her other shows around America:

August 1
Roscoe’s Tavern
Chicago, IL

August 12
The Borgatta
Atlantic City, NJ

August 16
Charlotte Pride
Charlotte, NC

September 13
Salinas Valley Pride Festival
Salina, NY

September 20
Austin Pride
Austin, TX

Here’s a taste of what your in for:

For more, check out her website