Luciana celebrates 40 years of Blondie in top form.

In celebration of 40 years of the queen of new-wave, Blondie, our very own Luciana has released some hectic tunes!

In celebration of 40 years of the queen of new-wave, Blondie, our very own Luciana has released some hectic tunes!

For those who have had the pleasure of seeing Luciana rock a stage recently, you may have heard a few tracks that you DIG. But haven’t been able to find them ANYWHERE?

Well, punters rejoice! Luciana has released her All Of Me album. It is inspired by Blondie and is exclusive to soundcloud. So head on over and have a listen!

While it’s been a long time coming (finished in 2009!) the album was Co written with (amongst many others) Nick Clow. His experimental touch adds the perfect mix of rock and electro for the New Wave style that is iconic of Blondie.

“A different sound from a time when I was working on my solo material . It never made it out as an album, so I wanted to present it here on SoundCloud for you all to enjoy…. Enjoy.”
– Luciana

The album shows a more edgy side of Luciana, there is a basey rock vibe to the tracks that are exquisitely infused with her raw pop-electro vibes. While the album never made it to be released, it sure packs a punch with a different vibe to Luciana. These rocking tracks are definite party starters and are infused with classic Blondie styles and themes.

Track list:

Love With Love
Really Want To Know Me
All Of Me
One Heart
My Sex
All Good

To continue the celebration, Luciana has also recreated the Parallel Lines cover:

parallel lines

“40 years of Blondie. My homage to the queen of New Wave. My biggest influence and my idol. Have always wanted to re-create the ‘Parallel Lines’ cover, so here it is.”
– Luciana

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