London Elektricity finds DESTROID live show “S**t”

DESTROID definitely knows how to put on a show. First clips of their live show, reveals DESTROID’s put on a rock star performance to a full house of energetic crowd.

They mesmerized the crowd with their robotic moves, outstanding lighting production, eye catching robotic attire and fast paced electro – dance music.

While everyone enjoyed the show, legendary electronic musician London Elektricity was left unimpressed. London Elektricity’s Tony Colman was quick to express his frustration on twitter “ this perfectly encapsulates how utterly and completely shit ‘EDM’ is”, explaining it made him “very angry”.

Things got ugly with Sawka responding “For your information this is live, what the f**k else would I be doing”, while Excision was disappointed to see one of his idols he grew up listening to “Take the time to hate publicly and unnecessarily”.

Colman did not articulate, his reasons behind his tweets. Its not clear if he was reviewing the groups music or performance.

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