Live at Off-Corso- live in the comfort of your home!

Earlier this year, we brought your attention to four fantastic concerts, live on Qello… those being Headband: Live, Silver Mountain- A Reunion Live, Freakhouse- No Way Down, and of course Suzanna Lubrano- Live At Off-Corso! And we’re forever grateful for Qello preserving important pieces of musical history for the world like they are! But today we’d like to look at one of these monumental concerts under a spotlight, and of course, that would be Suzanna Lubrano’s Live At Off-Corso (2010).

Suzanna Lubrano’s debut Film, Live at Off-Corso, features a stunning live performance.

Live at Off-Corso was originally a TV concert, which has now been televised in numerous countries around the world including Brazil, Portugal and many more. Released in June 2010 this incredible performance stars a line-up of special guests and dancers including; Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer, Dutch idol contestant David Goncalves, Lantuna, the Lamba Zouk Dance team and the Brazilian Zouk Dance team. It is like a fiesta on stage, filled with unstoppable music and dancing.

As you can see, Suzanna carries a stunning aura and her musical talents extend beyond the norm. She has been compared to some of the greatest pop divas of our world; Celine Dion, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and J-Lo. Her talent has been recognised by many, and has won her awards around the globe.

Originally from Cape Verde, West of Africa, Suzanna moved to The Netherlands at the age of four. Like many superstars, she started singing as a young child, but was quickly recognised and encouraged to start singing professionally at the age of eighteen. And that degree of constant experience shows, most prominently through the true quality of her work- her combined global plays have exceeded 40 million! Her amazing talents are still roping in the fans, new curious ones and nostalgic veterans alike!



So what better way to be part of the magic than to experience it in your living room, or on your phone’s screen while kicking back in bed, or any other place that’s convenient to you? All of the wonderful promises of the above is what Qello promises to deliver you. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t around for the magical experience the first time around, make your own magic by streaming any concert in the comfort of your home- and we recommend Suzanna as the perfect place to start discovering. Check out some of our concert recommendations below, including the link to the Suzanna concert, and Suzanna’s social media!