Lady Dice is on the rise! Backing up her fresh new hits with DL Downer on their 2016 Suga Boom Boom tour!

Since emerging on to the urban hip hop scene along side Downer, Lady Dice has held her own flawlessly, easily matching the showmanship of Downer himself and performing along side him as an equal. Since releasing her first solo album “Beast” Lady Dice has attracted even more well deserved attention and looks to be the next big female artist the world of urban rap has to offer!

Lady Dice has opened for many leading acts including Devin the Dude and Potluck, Down3r and Tyga! to name a few. LadyDice was invited to perform at the 2015 New York Marathon and as a result of her new exposure she has gained a large group of fans culminating in nerous support slots. This wealth of experience is culminated into a show of pure confidence and raw girl power that is highlighted perfectly in her track ‘Beast’. This dominate don’t take shit from nobody attitude is exactly what makes Lady Dice such strong performer, giving us all the more reason to love her as a artist and a role rolemodel.

Since listening to the track myself I can finally appreciate the Hype; ‘Beast’ is an awesome song that had me instantly falling in love with Lady Dice, the lyrics, beat and attitude had me hooked from the get go, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. Her ever growing fan base throughout the states and abroad will have a lot to look forward to if she keeps up this quality of performance.

Lady Dice and DL Downer are just ‘rapping’ up their 2016 Suga Boom Boom tour (pun intended) that saw them performing on a number of stages throughout the states and Mexico, hopefully you were lucky enough to catch them. The future is looking bright for this urban Goddess, she’s definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Here’s a quick taste of what she has to offer in her EP ‘Beast’!

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