La Roux has “Trouble In Paradise”

La Roux has unveiled her first new single in nearly five years. Now, the British singer Elly Jackson is back with her first new single as a solo artist: ‘Uptight Downtown’ an impressive marrying of modern electro-pop and ’70s disco flair, the song’s flush with strut-worthy funk and soul. Listen in below.

Jackson  explain more about the track: “It’s kind of very loosely based on the London Riots which happened a few years ago now, and it’s just more the energy of the riots. I grew up in Brixton where the first riots happened… It was interesting to see people of my generation try to at least get up and stand up for what they believed in… I think it’s just the energy people would have liked to have seen from those riots and I kind of tried to turn a negative into a positive.’

The album Trouble In Paradise will be out July 4 and at just nine tracks long, Jackson says it won’t overstay its welcome:

“I don’t write a huge number of songs and then cut them down… I only ever really write songs that I want to be on the record. I would never start writing a song I didn’t think was worth being on the record. And also I don’t like long albums, I never have… most of my favourite records are between 8-10 songs long. I even felt my first record was slightly too long you know. I like a short succinct record.”

Trouble in Paradise Tracklist:
01. Uptight Downtown
02. Kiss and Not Tell
03. Cruel Sexuality
04. Paradise Is You
05. Sexotheque
06. Tropical Chancer
07. Silent Partner
08. Let Me Down Gently
09. The Feeling

And here a bonus just because we are nice, watch her new video for “Let Me Down Gently” from  the album Trouble In Paradise:

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