Kriss Kross – Jump (Jack Morrison Remix)



Jack Morrison’s new dance remix to the Kriss Kross track “Jump” was uploaded on Youtube recently through Melbourne Underground‘s account. This amazingly produced dance track will be sure to get you dancing, if not – Jump! Recently there have been remixes and remakes of older styled songs that you listen and you are not really fond of. Once you hear those tracks you think “mehhh I’d prefer the original song” BUT this track is awesome no matter what! This newly produced track makes it feel like its sped up for a faster dance tune, in the end though it will make you jump and dance!

Jack Morrison has done a great job for this song, and we can expect some more great stuff coming from him. If you want to hear what other songs he has done click right here. Enough talk about the track, scrolls down and click play to get yourself jumping! Let us know if you enjoyed this track as well.