Kimbra, new tracks from new album

In anticipation for its August release, Kiwi artist Kimbra has unveiled the tracklist for her forthcoming album The Golden Echo, and has dropped two new songs which will feature on the 12-track record. Kimbra is streaming yet another two tracks ‘Love In High Places’ is a bright synth jam that retains some of the elements of ‘90s Music’, but is a more restrained affair with some deep R’N’B bass, which breaks out into a squiggly solo after the three minute mark. ‘Nobody But You’ is a soulful cut that features horns and an infectious, summer-y refrain. Listen to the tracks below.

The Golden Echo was produced by Rich Costey (Foster the People, Interpol, Muse), while Silverchair‘s Daniel Johns is said to have acted as a songwriting partner for many songs on the record. The Golden Echo is slated for release on August 19th via Warner Bros Records.

Kimbra spoke about writing her new record and the thread that ties together all her collaborators. “What united all of the people I’ve worked with on this record is the love of a great song, the love of a great melody, the love of a potent lyric, or a hypnotic drum beat. Just basic kind of things and that’s what makes pop music great,” she said. “I’m super excited to get it out. I feel ready so it’s just a matter of tying together all those bits and pieces. When you’re chronic perfectionist you have to really work hard to slowly let go of your baby and let it be what it wants to be.”

The Golden Echo is now available for pre-order on iTunes

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