Kay L Performing Live at SICKO MODE Hip Hop Halloween Party with DJ Newboy and DJ AMANTE

This Sunday 28th of October Kay L will be hosting SICKO MODE, the biggest and hardest party you’ll see all year. With Kay L hosting and performing along with DJ Newboy and DJ AMANTE its guaranteed to be completely and utterly lit. This is a once in a lifetime event so get ready to dance til you drop dead and nod your head until your neck snaps, because no one’s going home alive.

Organised and hosted by Kay L with Music Calgary, SICKO MODE promises to be an intense night of horror and hip hop, with dope beats mingling with the undead it’s going to be hell on earth for everyone attending. Burn the house down, get wasted and listen to the best hip hop Calgary has to offer.

For anyone who wants to make it but is worried about funds, there’s a limited guest list you can sign up for that provides free entry. Just sign up on the Music Calgary website and get there before 10:30pm if you want to get in free. Sunday October 28th 1140 10th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta, be there or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

More info and the guest list application can be found on the Music Calgary website and the Music Calgary Facebook page, both linked below.

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