For those readers not located in Canada, YYC is a shorthand term for the city. And the division of Black Lives Matter for the city of Calgary is known as BLM YYC. Kay L is the executive director of this organisation, and today he’s been recognised for his efforts by Calgary’s Avenue Magazine!

Now in physical print forever, Kay L’s hard work and good deeds are going to circulate throughout publication and perhaps introduce a whole host of new fans to his stuff! Who knows how many people are offline and missing the buzz? Well, even if you can’t pick up a physical magazine, don’t worry – as Kay says, all you need to read is in the online article too!


As the spearhead behind the organisation, Kay L represents a lot of hope for a lot of people, and as such, many eyes are looking toward him and the example he sets. Thankfully, between the excellent and heartfelt music he creates and the charity work he does, (such as Freetown’s “Kay L’s Centre for Little Miracles” that will be up and running by the end of the year) he is definitely on the right path! You can tell he really believes in it too, with quotes such as these from him, given for the Avenue article. Sentiments like this really make you think.

“If we just remove those hurdles and obstacles and give everyone a fair shot at this thing called life, we could actually change the world and actually change humanity. That’s ultimately the message with Black Lives Matter and that’s the message with my music and that’s my message as a person.”

You can read all about this cause on the official BLM YYC website, and see just what causes Kay L has been championing in the name of racial freedom.


With all of this considered, as well as his excellent skill with emotional and catchy music, it’s no wonder Kay L was the winner of this prestigious placing. Congrats to him and his crew!

So if you love Kay L too, and wanna keep your ear to the ground on any new releases from him, we have just the social media accounts and Spotify lists for you to turn to. Watch this space, because with how much he loves doing what he does, this definitely won’t be the last we hear of him!

Kay L’s Facebook page can be found HERE: www.facebook.com/thekayl

And his personal account can be found here! www.facebook.com/kaylmusic

Speaking of Facebook, check out this vid from Kay L himself… a video accompaniment to Love From Me! www.facebook.com/kaylmusic/videos/10161507364130473