Kanye’s First And Strange Father’s Day Present

Popular hip hop artist and new father, Kanye West has received an intriguing gift for Father’s Day from his partner, Kim Kardashian, and their baby girl, North. Kanye recently posted on his twitter account a photo of two apple product computer mice (not real ones, thankfully!) that have been signed by Apple founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and encased in a protective plastic bubble case.

Now we can understand the significance of this present if Kanye was a Apple-cult follower, but in his case, Kanye was really touched by the gift as he once previously stated that Steve Jobs and himself are very much alike in the sense that both are icons of today’s technological culture. So if you’re, struggling to find something for Father’s Day this year, take’s Kim’s gesture and make your way over to the Apple store. After all, a few thousand k’s is nothing compared to reminding your father of how much of an icon he supposedly is, right?

Source: www.pedestrian.tv/news