Kanye West gives first candid interview about life, career and new album ‘Yeezus’

 With a new album about to drop next week, Kanye West sat down for his first interview in years with Jon Caramanica from‘The New York Times’. To discuss his career and new album ‘Yeezus’.

With an album dropping soon, kanye discusses what influenced him when working on the Yeezus album

“I knew that I wanted to have a deep Chicago influence on this album, and I would listen to like, old Chicago house. I think that even “Black Skinhead” could border on house, “On Sight” sounds like acid house, and then “I Am a God” obviously sounds, like, super house”.

Kanye also discuss working with Rick Rubin, highlighting what he’s learnt from the genius producer

“For him, it’s really just inside of him. I’m still just a kid learning about minimalism, and he’s a master of it. It’s just really such a blessing, to be able to work with him. I want to say that after working with Rick, it humbled me to realize why I hadn’t — even though I produced Watch the Throne; even though I produced Dark Fantasy — why I hadn’t won Album of the Year yet”.

Kanye also mentioned that he has “no regrets” about the Taylor Swift incident. Admitting he felt peer pressured to apologize.

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Source: www.nytimes.com/2013/06/16/arts/music/kanye-west-talks-about-his-career-and-album-yeezus