JYoung’s catchy as hell single ‘Oxygen’ approaching 270k views on his youtube channel!

If you haven’t already treated your ears to JYoung’s hit song ‘Oxygen’ do yourself a favour, follow the links provided here and give it a listen or two, or three, hell listen to it as many times as you like, all I know is that you’ll undoubtedly come back for more after you get a taste.

JYoung’s passion for all things RnB and Reggae make a show with flying colours in this track and the video clip (which frankly made me a little jealous of Mr. Young) is a ton of fun, providing all the more reason to check it out.

Oxygen is sure to gain more well deserved attention in 2016, and JYoung has plenty more to offer! Now seriously. No need to thank me but check out the youtube video for Oxygen below.

Official Links –