Josh Young spreading the love for all to share !!!

Josh Young continues to break girls hearts everywhere he goes. The RnB/ reggae artist saw massive success with his single “Oxygen” which now has over 450,000 plays on Youtube and Vimeo. Since then he’s seen his popularity rise throughout social media. He now has over 10,000 likes on Facebook, over 39.2k followers on Instagram and 11.6k followers on Twitter.

With limited musical output over the past year, Young has focused on promoting himself through live shows, photo shoots and social media. With his killer good looks they are certainly proving to be an asset for him with his massive female followers.

With two new killer remixes on the way featuring our very own Toyanna Rae he is going to break the internet we think 🙂

Check out what all the fuss is about via his social media here:

Also have a listen to his hit single “Oygen” here on Soundcloud: