Josh Young aka J. Young takes the world on a roller coaster ride with his new song ” She’s a Thrilla “

DJ Central Records is proud to announce that our very own artist Mr Josh Young has done it again with the worldwide release of his brand-new single titled “She’s a Thriller”, no doubt, a song his fans will instantly fall in love with. The new single is a light and fun pop song sure to keep everyone around the world dancing with its catchy melody.

Following the enormous success of his hit single “Oxygen”, J. Young keeps his fans on their toes with this new track providing a blend of reggae roots with smooth and seductive vocals. With Young’s song “Oxygen” being such a hit around the world there is no question that “She’s a Killer” will follow the same path of success.

Josh Young has called upon his artistic talents once again, “She’s a Killer” will instantly capture your attention with his seductive vocals, hooks and killer chorus, leaving you singing for days. His infectious voice works well to mesmerize his audience through his killer lyrics which work together to create an awesome and captivating audience experience. The song itself is addictive and will leave you wanting more from the this talented young man.

With much of Josh Young’s fan base already established and connected through social media sites like YouTube and Twitter plus a constant growth and mass appeal from his music being played on radio worldwide, he is on track to becoming one of the biggest stars in the pop music scene. The Canadian artist’s newest song “She’s a Thriller” will be climbing the charts and following in hot pursuit of his famously known songs, “Oxygen” and “Sexy Dress”.

“She’s a Thriller” will leave you in the mood to sing, dance and get a little crazy. The uplifting hooks and catchy beat will pull you in and leave you in a state of musical bliss – a song that needs to be featured on everyone’s playlist!

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