Josh Young aka JYoung Joins DJC Records

DJ Central Records is pleased to announce the arrival of Josh Young aka JYoung to the label.

DJ Central Records is pleased to announce the arrival of Josh Young aka JYoung to the label. At the early age of 16 Joshua Young aka JYoung, was forced to become the main bread winner for his siblings due to the incarceration of his father Lloyd Young. This was swimming in the deep end of the pool and growing up fast in a world that does not suffer fools.

With determination and focus and with “failure is not an option” as his motto, JYoung set out to make sure that his family was safe and secure. He was the sole bread winner for the family from the age of 16 and understood at an early age that you are either focused and deal with what you have in front of you or the world will eat you up. JYoung’s passion for music continued to drive him and keep him alive and gave him the energy and capacity to work incredibly long hours to keep his family safe and a roof over their head.

JYoung never stopped loving his dad and already had been provided with some incredible opportunity and exposure to the world of music through his father. JYoung’s father “Lloyd Young”, was born in Kingston Jamaica. He had a very successful career as a music manager, discovering acts such as Glenn Ricketts , aka the voice of Jamaica. Glenn Ricketts  was a member of the Columbia recording group Crack of Dawn. Through working with incredible talent, Lloyd was widely regarded as the manager to be signed to. Lloyd was able to land Glen a deal with Sony and the rest became music history. Glenn’s son, Glenn Lewis followed in his dad’s footsteps and went on to success winning Juno Awards  for the Best RnB Soul Singles “Don’t You Forget It” and “It’s Not Fair”.

JYoung spent the first 16 years of his life being raised by his mother in Vancouver, Canada and developed a very close bond with his cousin Noble Taylor who shared JYoung’s deep passion for music. It was not long after they started singing together in their teens that they started performing shows at family events. With a constant drive and desire to sing and always listening to songs on the radio, JYoung and Noble quickly started to write songs. JYoung was an honour roll student with a strong mother guiding his way. With sheer determination and his family as the motivation it was not long before JYoung’s business skills paid off. By 2008 he had a very successful business and this allowed him more freedom to pursue music, his passion in life.

Staying in close content with his cousin Noble Taylor, he always dreamed that one day he would be able to reconnect with his cousin and write again. Noble had focussed on building his music career and now he is a successful artist. Noble now resides in Sydney Australia.

In 2014, JYoung took some time out at the request of his cousin to come to Sydney Australia and see if he felt the time was right for him to record. On arrival he quickly got to work on some new songs with Noble and then they both went to the studio and started to record. The energy was incredible and as Noble Taylor says: “We just started writing like we were kids again and the music kept flowing. I knew we had some hits with these sessions so I called my label “ DJ Central Records” and asked for a meeting ASAP to get a recording deal for my cousin”.

On the strength of one vocal session, JYoung, secured a global recording, publishing and distribution agreement. JYoung is now a DJ Central Records recording artist and working with Noble Taylor on a new album with the 1st single from the album due for global release in April 2014.

There is an incredible story here with an incredible journey leading to two cousins who never lost sight of a dream that they would both perform and record together. This is JYoung and he will be released on the SONY RED platform for the world.

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