Johnno Likes Techno vols 1-100! Whoever Johnno is, we’re happy for him.

In keeping with the traditions of our recent rave compilations stories such as Dave Said To Rave, Mavis Wants to Rave With Us, and Rave With Dave, we have a new character to introduce to you: Johnno! Who’s Johnno? He likes techno. Legally, we can’t say any more than that. We may or may not have hostages possessed by Johnno, used as a gambit piece to prevent us from revealing his identity and encouraging us to make a 100 part compilation series based on his passion for all things techno, but hypotheticals will get us nowhere, especially not anywhere within the realms of safety. Here’s a few samples of Johnno Likes Techno.

Another collaboration resulting from the efforts of DJ Central, Blue Pie, and EdiNet, this is another series full of funky tracks with funkier covers that are sure to rave the house to the floor! But be careful to leave the scene shortly after that happens, we have intel that suggests Johnno lives somewhere under the floorboards, god help us. EdiNet specialise in EDM and electronica music, and their collection is the perfect thing to vibe to. These funky covers were designed by our in-house design & admin specialist Sara Cornish, and one thing’s for sure, they truly pop! The stylistic blend and choice of colours to bring features out of greyscale and the image choices are perfect for attracting our attention and getting us in the dancing mood, just as they have been with the other entries in this series. Sara has been working very hard on all the covers for these compilation albums, and it really shows… but let’s hope it satisfies Johnno, for Sara’s sake. She’ll be working on the covers for our other future collabs with EdiNet, and we need her alive and well, and not accosted by any demon clowns in the meantime.

These compilations, whether they be techno, rave, or any EDM in between, are all doing swimmingly, in particular across Latin America! EDM is insane over there, and it makes sense. As a culture, Latinos are all about passion, and passionately dancing is the name of the game with tracks like this! These rave compilations are proving to be quite popular in Argentina and the rest of Latin America as well, and we also have the amazing LATAM marketing team to thank for that!

Hammering the promotion for works just like Johnno Likes Techno night and day, they’re making sure that the people who desperately wanna hear music like this and discover some fresh blood will have every chance to! They also help extend our budgets so we have a different kind of fresh blood for Johnno too. We extend our greatest thanks to them and we thank them for what they’ve been doing – the results are plain and simple to see before us, considering how popular some of these songs are on these comps! They’re all available on Spotify, Amazon, and all other major online retailers, so what are you waiting for?

These raving releases are expansive and are ready for you to jam out to for hours on end! With tons and tons of excellent tracks, the most popular of which have more than 5K plays, there’s no limit to what kind of bonkers parties you’re going to have with these! Rave ’til you’re withered and senior, rave until you can’t stop… because one thing’s for sure, rave is never going to stop! So the only thing that remains to be seen is: how long can YOU last?! Every second you aren’t dancing is a second that Johnno gets closer, so we’ll find out the answer to that question soon! Either way, see you next time for more EDM goodness!